Tracey R. Cobb is an Associate Professional Counselor, and relationship coach. Tracey focuses on empowering the community through self-love, education, and building strong relationships.  The goal is HEALING not HIDING. 

Tracey believes that the most important relationship to master is the one we have with ourselves.

After over 20 years in corporate America, Tracey finally decided live her dream as a therapist and coach.  Tracey is the Relationship consultant and has appeared on several internet talk shows and at community based organizations speaking on issues like self-love, self-respect, integrity and authenticity.   Tracey also hosts the "Getting to the Good Part" relationship round-table, a place where healthy and mature adults can talk candidly and authentically about relationships.  

In her free time Tracey enjoys spending time with her family and friends, listening to music, attending sporting events, Painting with a twist and writing about issues relevant to black women and their relationships in the 21st century. One of the results of this insight is her first book, The Art of Being AUTHENTIC, slated for release in 2018.