Jennifer Hawkins, APC, NCC, 770.240.1034 ext: 710

At some point, most people feel as though they have hit a plateau... feeling stuck, even. Some might describe where they are as "going through the motions" or "spinning their wheels". Others feel that they are at a crossroad. They feel compelled to make a move, but feeling a lack of empowerment or vision can disable the projection to the level point in their journey.


Oftentimes, these situations can lead to anxiety, depression, or both. Given these feelings, questioning one's self-worth, self-efficacy, identity and purpose can quickly rise. These are all very big questions for individuals who does not see an answer, let alone options. While the answer is multifaceted and uniquely tailored to every person, there is always an answer.

I can help you discover your path. Many forget that we do not exist in a vacuum; that results in outside influences, past experiences, and other parts of your self, be they spiritual or physical, getting overlooked. I use holistic interventions and skillsets.

Whether your questions are pragmatic, logistic, or existential, I can give you the skills you need to handle whatever you have gone through, or going through, or any impending events. I am trained in EMDR, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and somatic interventions. Also, I am TS-CBIT certified by the Tourettes Association of America. I can help you in your journey to foraging a path to growth and peace.

Jennifer Hawkins is under the direction of Natalie Elliott, CPCS and under the supervision of Ruby Blow, LPC, CPCS.